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Teacher and Technology - Sept 27 2013


Note: Class next Monday!

Important Idea #8 and 9

Need more Twitter to #umtandt. Create an account and tweet to our hashtag #umtandt

Production App that you might use - Educreations - small groups - PLAN and create a short lesson on a topic in your major area.

Tech break for 2 minutes

From the RWL:

  • What does technology have to do with democracy?
  • What in the world does McLuhan mean? (exam question based on this)
  • Is the Internet the epitome of anarchy as Graham defines it?
  • How does Barney define fundamentalism?
  • Are we losing our social capital or are we gaining with all our various connections?
  • Does the Digital Literacy video support Nicholas Carr’s ‘Is Google Making Us Stupid’?

Tech break - 2 minutes

Metateachnition 1 (on D2L by Monday 11:59 pm please) - How broadly do you use the internet and all its resources? Think about how much you use the vastness of the internet when you are not doing something for school or work. Do you tend to go to more than 10 websites on any given day or week or do you pretty much go to the same places all the time? Why/why not? If yes, would you list some of the sites (your choice to list or not to list). When do you you branch out?

Marshall McLuhan - the medium is the message and the ‘tetrad’
    - “We shape our tools and then they shape us.”
“We are always living way ahead of our thinking”
Winston Churchill - “We shape our buildings and then they shape us”
Research of the Future (start at 1:00)

    x McLuhan tetrads - open this on your device and with 2 or 3 others try and guess at the answers (before looking) and be ready to try and explain the concept.

Darin Barney - the fundamentalism of technology

RWL for Sept 30 - Oct 4

For Monday - Copyright Issues
Creative Commons - about it,


For Wed and Fri. ------------------------------------------------------------------

R/W/L  at least THREE of these and try a game or two from the game sites:

George Lucas Foundation Series

The Psych Files (blog with vodcast and text)

Research on violent games by Doug Gentile

Games Sites
Bio Games link - Spongelab Interactive - class code: 3FRYNF7PEQ
Stu's Quiz Boxes (requires a download and install on a WIndows computer)

Game Creation software
Kodu - easy to learn 3D game cration

A side note - Interacting with Computers - Project Milo

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