Friday, September 13, 2013

Teacher and Technology - Sept 13 2013


Donna Masson - online research skills


Questions about assignments and DEADLINES

From the RWL - groups of 3 or 4
  • is Google making us stupid
  • what makes a good teacher?
  • This mirrors the way our diet has improved and varied. Today's media can provide readers with more flavours, more choice and more nutrition.”
  • Opinions? Where’s the research?
    What does this have to do with being a good teacher?

Put group responses here - A15 and A17

Shift Happens - are you ready?

Twitter and how you will use it. (@rredekopp and #umtandt)

Important Idea #2 and 3

MetaTeachnition - a new word for you to know. It means to think about your (or anyone else's) teaching and what is going on in terms of the you, the students, the classroom environment, your lesson, etc.

How I approach tech for teachers

  • Admin tasks
  • Communication with parents and students
  • CAL
  • Creativity and expression of learning
  • Assessment

ISTE Standards for teachers and students

Next week

Technology and the brain - connectedness (Turkle), distractedness (ADHD?), shallow-tasking (Carr) and unbelievable resources.

Read/Watch/Listen list for Sept 18

The Brain -  “Will fast facts do to our brains, what fast food has done to our bodies?” R. Redekopp

Start with this short NY Times article: The Science of Concentration

Then choose one more from among the following and bring your notes to class:

Gary Small - iBrain - text (Look Inside) or video choices or audio

Multitasking or Paying Attention: Winnifred Gallagher - the book Rapt, or video (around the 30 minute mark to find the multitasking stuff) audio

Your Brain on Technology - audio

Next lab

Video and Audio tools and formats (and places to upload your products)
Your own web space or:
Audio - SoundCloud, Podbean, Podomatic, iPadio, Mixcloud

Video - Vimeo, TeacherTube, YouTube,

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