Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Teacher and Technology - Sept 25 2013


Note: Class next Monday!
bibme.org - easy citations
Choosing a blog / wiki / web site for your Assign 2
  • wikis (pbworks and wikispaces) vs blogs (blogger. tumblr, and WordPress) vs web sites (weebly and google sites). There are lots of other options.
Rubrics - Rubistar, and a list of others (and the dangers of using tech tools)
x a rubric for creating rubrics
Better searching - Advanced search (or create good starting places on your web page)
     x search for your name in Google, Bing and Yahoo???
SumoPaint or OneMotion or ArtPad or choose another -  create an image of how you feel about tech in the classroom or how you feel about technology generally


Tech break as we settle in to class

Important Idea #6 and 7

MetaTeachnition - are you practicing this?

Need more Twitter to #umtandt. Create an account and tweet to our hashtag #umtandt

Production App that you might use - Educreations - small groups - PLAN and create a short lesson on a topic in your major area.

Bigger Ideas - Social Impact of technology

Neil Postman - Five Things we should Know About Technological Change

x The summary

From the RWL:

What does technology have to do with democracy?
What in the world does McLuhan mean? (exam question based on this)
Is the Internet the epitome of anarchy as Graham defines it?
How does Barney define fundamentalism?
Are we losing our social capital or are we gaining with all our various connections?

Does the Digital Literacy video support Nicholas Carr’s ‘Is Google Making Us Stupid’?

ISTE Standards for teachers and students

Read options

Social issues - some entry points
Bowling Alone - America's Declining Social Capital - Robert Putnam - also a book version.
One Nation Under Google (pdf) - Darin Barney
Anarchy and the internet - Gordon Graham

Watch options

One Nation Under Google - Darin Barney (Part 1)
Privacy and Ordering Pizza! (just for fun!)

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