Friday, September 20, 2013

Teacher and Technology - Sept 20 2013

Deadlines (Assign 1 - Sept 25 11:59 pm and Assign 2 Oct 30 for A17) and questions

x sign up for group presentations
Textbooks - you need one. Let me know if you cannot afford it. I have one I can lend out.

Important Idea #4 and 5

MetaTeachnition - are you practicing this?

From the RWL - groups of 3 or 4 (try to find two you have not worked with before)
The Brain -  “Will fast facts do to our brains, what fast food has done to our bodies?” R. Redekopp
Report (A17):
  • The most interesting or startling fact you came across
  • Whether your group did more of R,W or L
  • Thoughts on concentration - can you train yourself to ‘pay attention’?
  • Do you multitask or just switch attention a lot?
  • When is multitasking really possible without a significant loss?

Tech break!!!

Twitter demo and how you will use it - people and hashtags (groups or topics). (@rredekopp and #umtandt). Create an account and tweet to our hashtag #umtandt

Production Apps that you might use - Educreations - small groups - PLAN and create a short lesson on a topic in your major area.

Neil Postman - Five Things we should Know About Technological Change

x The summary

ISTE Standards for teachers and students

Video and audio creation and uploading - more ideas

RWL for Sept. 25

Bigger Ideas - Social Impact of technology

Choose THREE from the list below. Since they are not all the same, be prepared to share your info based on what you read, watch OR listened to.

Read options

Social issues - some entry points
Bowling Alone - America's Declining Social Capital - Robert Putnam - also a book version.
One Nation Under Google (pdf) - Darin Barney
Anarchy and the internet - Gordon Graham

Watch options

One Nation Under Google - Darin Barney (Part 1)
Privacy and Ordering Pizza! (just for fun!)

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