Tuesday, September 10, 2013

T and T Sept 11 2013

Welcome to Fall 2013 Teacher and Technology!

Computer Lab
  1. Claim UMNet ID
  2. Course Outline and assignments
  3. Course ‘textbook’
  4. Create a google account if you don’t have one
  5. Online notes and resources (request access to http://teacherandtech.pbworks.com/)
  6. D2L - grades and discussions
  7. Envisioning the Future infographic - http://envisioningtech.com/envisioning-the-future-of-education.png
  8. Symbaloo package - http://www.symbalooedu.com/startoftheschoolyear2013/

Release forms for research
Intros and a personal fact we wouldn’t guess about you
Who is Dr. Redekopp?

MetaTeachNition - a new term and survival tool! It means to think about your (or anyone else's) teaching and what is going on in terms of the you, the students, the classroom environment, your lesson, etc.

How I approach tech for teachers

  • Admin tasks
  • Communication with parents and students
  • CAL
  • Creativity and expression of learning
  • Assessment

Pencil Technology (in case you thought twitter was useless)

Shift Happens - are you ready?

Next class - Donna Masson - Online research

RWL (Read/Watch/Listen) for Friday, Sept 13

These are all short articles - please read them

Nicolas Carr – Is Google Making Us Stupid? or video

We can still read! - Why Digital Doesn't Mean Dumb!

What is a good teacher?

Gladwell - How to Identify a Good Teacher Prospect

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