Friday, September 23, 2011

Weekend TandT Sept 24

Pre-service teacher tech workshops and certificates - interested?? When??

NOTE : There is a free version of Acid xPress for the PC for doing your podcasts


Questions about assignments - DUE DATES - Assign 1 and 2 - Before Oct 29
Shift Happens - are you ready?

Discussion from the readings (from both weeks)
  • What is McLuhan mean when he says the “Medium is the Message”?
  • Which side of the”dumb” argument do you lean to?
  • Are you all Digital Natives?
    • How does the term help us understand our students?
    • How does the term interfere with understanding?
  • Even if kids are"Born Digital" do we have to pander to that 'need' or is it important to take them beyond digital into their own 'real' space?

What is education?
  • What are schools for? What is education? Why are you here? What do you hope to accomplish with your students?
  • Write down a one or two sentence response
  • Share with one other person and modify/revise if you wish
  • Share with another pair of people
  • What do some 'experts' say? Audio excerpt from TVO - The Agenda
Do the 'experts' change your mind? Which of their definitions do you like best?
    x start a rubric for assignment 1 at Rubistar
     Other rubric sites - Eastern School District (Nfld), Kathy Schrock, Teach-noloy
Manitoba Education - Curriculum Navigator
    x let’s plan some lessons together
    x this won’t work well in the lab with more than 10 people!


Basic video and audio recording
  • PC - MovieMaker and Audacity (mp3 plugin)
  • Mac - iMovie and Garageband
  • will convert many file formats
Create an audiobook from Frankenstein (free books from Project Gutenberg)

For next week (Oct 1) read/watch/listen and be prepared to discuss:


Must Read!  excerpts from iBrain   or watch the iBrain video

Choose TWO of the following:


TVO with Gary Small and Don Tapscott - click on the Your Brain on Tech tab if necessary

The Agenda - Your Brain on Technology
The Agenda - Hardwired to Hurt or The Adolescent Brain



Born Digital excerpt - John Palfrey and Urs Gasser (they also have podcasts available)
or any of these
Interview with John Palfrey - Perseus Publishing

Completely Optional - Some free books in PDF format from MIT on Digital Natives

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