Thursday, September 8, 2011

Weekend College T&T

September 10, 2011

MetaTeachnition - a new word (that I made up) for you to know. It means to think about your (or anyone else's) teaching and what is going on in terms of the you, the students, the classroom environment, your lesson, etc.
    This is what you should be constantly doing now - focus especially on the people/ideas/organizations that are different from your experience. Do not judge them, learn from them!

Intros - me (Prezi - Redekopp) and you - why are you here, subject area and *tell us one interesting thing about yourself”

Cell phone/laptop etiquette -- wireless?

No textbook, but you might want an iTouch or similar wireless device

Grading standards - the search for extraordinary.

Angel, wiki, blog, email, office hours

Course outline and assignments - what’s this course about and what do I have to do to succeed?
Course Overview
  • Theory of media and technology in relation to education
  • Practical ways in which technology may improve teaching and learning
  • Important Ideas (mine) - Important Idea #1
TandT courseintro
View more presentations from rredekopp.

Finished with slide 12.

For next week (Sept 17) read/watch/listen and be prepared to discuss:

McLuhan - watch at least TWO in this list (ignore the “McLuhan Channel”)

Nicolas Carr – Is Google Making Us Stupid?

We can still read! - Why Digital Doesn't Mean Dumb!

What is a good teacher? Malcolm Gladwell - How to Identify a Good Teacher Prospect

Things to DO

Claim student ID
Create google account if you don’t have one. Professional names please!!
Visit class blog and wiki - read/watch/listen
Citation Sites - BibMe, EasyBib, RefWorks (via UofM library site)

Create a wiki/web site - professional name!!!

Next class - Literacy with ICT - John Finch from Manitoba Educationand Donna Masson - librarian

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