Friday, September 16, 2011

Weekend T&T Sept 17

The Gods Must Be Crazy excerpt. The script can be found here:

John Finch - Manitoba Education (LwICT initiative) - it's all about literacy: learning, finding and comparing sources, ethics and responsibility.


Claim student ID
Create google account if you don’t have one. Professional names please!!
    You do not have to use gmail! This account gives you access to many other things

Visit class blog and wiki - read/watch/listen (request access to our wiki)

Take this poll -
And this one:

Citation Sites - BibMe, EasyBib, RefWorks (via UofM library site)The difference between blogs, wikis and web sites.
Create a wiki/web site - professional name!!! Pros and cons of pbworks, wikispaces, weebly, google sites, etc

Questions about the assignments
    x start a rubric for assignment 1 at Rubistar
      Other rubric sites - Eastern School District (Nfld), Kathy Schrock, Teach-noloy
Manitoba Education - Curriculum Navigator
    x let’s plan some lessons together
    x this won’t work well in the lab with more than 10 people!

Here are some R/W/L options for September 24 and 28. Choose your format. Since they are not all the same, be prepared to share your info based on what you read, watch OR listen to.


Marc Prensky - Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants

Social issues - some entry points

Bowling Alone - America's Declining Social Capital - Robert Putnam - also a book version.

Digital Media and Youth.pdf
Youth, Identity and Digital

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