Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Teacher and Technology Feb 6 2013


Hand back marking
Xtranormal (the free version is pretty limited) and GoAnimate (free version is ok) - script to 3D animation
  • for reluctant writers and others
  • create a scene where you try to explain why RWLs are gooder
PowToon - a sort of RSA animation thing. This has a learning curve. There is a free version - maybe here.

My PowToon sample


Important ideas for_teachers  14 and 15
The Twitter Distortion Field
5 Good Sources for Math Teachers
Virtual Chemistry experiments
12 Academic Search engines

Metateachnition 2 (on D2L soon please) - How broadly do you use the internet and all its resources?

A16 - Brain control - MindWave mindreader!

Marshall McLuhan - the medium is the message and the ‘tetrad’
     - “We shape our tools and then they shape us.”
“We are always living way ahead of our thinking”
Winston Churchill - “We shape our buildings and then they shape us”
Research of the Future (start at 1:00)

     x McLuhan tetrads - open this on your device and with 2 or 3 others try and guess at the answers (before looking) and be ready to try and explain the concept.

Darin Barney - fundamentalism of technology

Digital Games (not COD or GTA) and Education

Apps for specific courses - demo of some apps

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