Thursday, February 14, 2013

Teacher and Technology Feb 15 2013

Questions about Web space assignment ????


Leianne, Lisa, & Brandy- Jeopardy - Comments
Sam, Chelsea & Nicole - Conjugating French "ER" verbs - Comments

Kaitlin, Shelley, Katelyn - Jeopardy - Comments

Questions about web space assignment and rubric???

How to do Assign 3 references
  • Regular APA references page BUT divided into categories for text (web and print), images, audio, video and whatever else you might use.
  • ALSO - wherever possible put links directly into your text references, images, video, etc.

Important ideas for_teachers  20 and 21

Gradebooks and D2L

Digital Games (not COD or GTA) and Education

Apps for specific courses - 3D Brain, iTunes U, TED, TED books, Classic Books, Music, Art, Ubersense, Quickgraph, Visual Anatomy, ShowMe, Physics Free, ToonTastic

RWL for Feb 20

AAC (Adaptive and Augmentative C or Special Needs Technologies - choose two or three from the options below.


MobileLearning4SpecialNeedsKids - check 
the video case studies and the app lists page Computer Unlocks Teen's Voice Apps for Autistic Kids Speaking APPropriately Pros and Cons of Apps AAC-RERC White Paper


Tech and Autism - ABC 20/20 Report or Full Report (9 min) The Sound of Learning - Edutopia
Enabling Dreams - Edutopia - search for others
- check the video case studies and the app lists page

Listen Part 3  - about the first 5 minutes


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