Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Teacher and Technology Feb 20 2013


InkleWriter - creating interactive stories
Timelines -TimeToast,  Capzules (make a timeline of history, a major writer, an athlete or sport or whatever with either of these timeline creators)
Text to speech - Natural Readers (free voice is pretty bad, but ...). Try the box on the web site to see.


A16 - Daniel Ayers, Ryan Jubinville & Catherine Fayokun  - Comments

A17 - Andrew, Jen  - Topic Pending - Comments
Shane, David, Robin - Internet Scavenger Hunt - Comments

Exam questions ???

Edmodo demo - create a teacher account now and join my group (v64fhd).

Friday’s assignment (in class or at home) - Login to your Edmodo teacher account and join at least two ‘active’ groups, other than mine, from the BYTE 2013 Conference (active means that the presenter is posting something there). Come to the next class with at least one new idea to share.

Images and copyright
28 ways to use Twitter in the classroom
Important ideas for_teachers  24 and 25

Apps for specific courses - demo of some apps

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