Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Teacher and Technology - Nov. 7, 2012

Google Search Education - teaching students to search better
Yodio - audio and images (and track lists)
Timelines - TimeToast,  Capzules (make a timeline of history, a major writer, an athlete or sport or whatever with either of these timeline creators)
Assign 3 - How many others did you view? Poll

Presentation -   Matt/Amy/Lindsey/Nick J/ Matt G - Comments

Exam Questions ??? How many booklets? How many will use the lsb?

Tech Ed and you - look back to where you were, look forward to where you go from here.

   - it’s not about the tech, but the tech can help
- keep in mind that it's all a social experiment

Blatant Ad - SY Themes course next year

Video games can teach important skills!

40 Quick ways to use mobile devices in your classroom

More on AAC Devices

OARC wiki of apps - iTouch For Special Needs Apps
The Sound of Learning - Edutopia
Enabling Dreams - Edutopia - search for others
Assistive Music Tech Lab
The AAC Workshop Band

Good Luck - stay in touch!

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