Monday, November 5, 2012

Teacher and Tech - Music Nov 6, 2012


Timelines - TimeToast,  Capzules (make a timeline of music eras, composers, instruments with either of these timeline creators)
Enquiring Minds
Integrating Aboriginal Perspective into Music


Exam Questions ??? How many booklets do I need? How many lab spots? How many are doing multimedia?

How to survive the final term - what do you still need to learn about yourself, about teaching, about learning, about people who are different than you? (Meta-teachnition)

Assign 3 - Web Presence

The Sound of Learning - Edutopia
Enabling Dreams - Edutopia - search for others
Assistive Music Tech Lab
The AAC Workshop Band

From the RWL
Pick any three (text or video) of these (or other) articles/videos (check the video tab) that promote technology in the music classroom - for those of you in the EY stream check the PDF that is the first item listed. These are not here to convince you that you should use tech, but to get you some perspectives of what some others are thinking.
Take notes and come to class ready to comment on / critique these.

Tech Ed and you - look back to where you were, look forward to where you go from here.

    - it’s not about the tech, but the tech can help

40 Quick ways to use mobile devices in your classroom (Really???)

Techy comic by a former student - Interesting Times

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