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Teacher and Technology Nov 6 2013

No Lab

Course evaluation at the end.
Year 2 course - Teaching the Social Media Driven Learner (1 of 4 options in Themes in the Senior Years Course).
MetaResponse 3 on D2L - SMART Boards - what have you noticed about our use of the SMART Board for presentations. What was most effective and what was least effective? What are your current comfort levels. Do you see it as an effective part of your abilities or will you leave well enough alone?


Web presence assignment comments
x MetaTeachnition (small groups) - how does the feedback you get in different courses vary and how much does that matter? What kind of feedback do you like, and (more importantly) what kinds do the others in your group prefer?

Article on the Digital Divide released with up-to-date data in Canada: http://www.thestar.com/business/tech_news/2013/11/01/statscan_data_points_to_canadas_growing_digital_divide_geist.html    Thanks Marcus!!

TEDTalk by Clifford Stoll - two minutes of ADHD - hyperactivity and focus.

A15 - Coral Baisch  Stephanie Baxter (Comments)
-Kevin Hiebert  Amanda Kula (Comments)
A17 -  Adrian Rozbacher, Jenni Trautwein, Stephanie Gibson (Comments)

SNL iPhone Complaints (1st world problems)
Exam - Questions?

Big Ideas (Take my SY Themes course next year to pursue some of these)
Environment - TED talk on Cell Phones and Mining (and references below)
x assumptions about efficiency - Food, Inc excerpt
Design - modular cell phone (thanks John) and Jared Lanier
Social Media - The great connector or the great divide - how do we make this not an either/or problem??? Sherry Turkle and Stefana Broadbent
Important ideas for_teachers  23 and 24 and 25

The Story Of Electronics and Electronics TakeBack Coalition websites present ideas about how to turn the tragedy around, thankfully.
Kyle suggests:
The Story of Electronics - See comments/solutions at the very bottom of this post.

Course Evaluation

Thanks for all your hard work and good ideas this term. Have a great practicum experience!!!

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