Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Teacher and Technology - Music Feb 28, 2012


Livebinders - Redekopp, Serious Games, Ed Tech,  Avatars
iPad apps for student productivity

Photostory - images and voice → movies (for any age level)

Library research?


Nathanaël W. & Michael D. - TBA
Mike M & Matt - TBA

Exam questions - questions???
Important Ideas are done!

The Happy Planet Index - Nic Marks

Debriefing the social media/wireless access experiment
  • for yourself - helpful _________________ distracting
  • for those round you  - helpful _________________ distracting
  • for your students ??? - helpful _________________ distracting
Tech Ed and you - look back to where you were, look forward to where you go from here.
  • What have you learned?

The Summary - it’s not about the tech, but the tech can helps

Digital Divide - Aleph Molinari

Formal Course Evaluation

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