Friday, February 3, 2012

Teacher and Technology - Feb 3, 2012


Sample video with no ‘outside’ music or graphics (only what is in iMovie) - it can be done

Game Jam this weekend that also includes a screening of Indie Game: The Movie. If you know any students who might be interested, you can pass on the info to them perhaps? A lot of indie game developers from out of town will be here. Info here:

Smartboard ideas and samples

Important Ideas 14 and 15  

Lakoff and Johnson - Metaphors We Live By
Re-framing how you think about students


Not every game - not all the time.
Jane McGonigal, Kurt Squire and James Gee

School of One video


Dragon Search/Dictate
Our Choice and new ‘books’ from Apple (ibooks author)

High School UNESCO themed videos

Project Milo

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