Thursday, February 16, 2012

RWL for Feb 21/22

RWL for Feb 21/22

Assessment of Digital Stuff

Assessment & planning

Evaluation sheet What makes a good podcast?

Rubric for assessing podcasts For self-assessment and peer-assessment.

Rubric_2 for assesment of podcast

Podcast storyboard from CTAPIV Podcasting workshop for teachers

James Gee Part I_ Answers to Questions-Games and Learning -
James Paul Gee Part II_ Answers to Questions About Video Games and Learning -
Podcasts and Assessment
Assessing Podcasts - rubrics and other ideas


Grading With Games - James Paul Gee
Implications of New Media in Ed - Henry Jenkins


Effective Assessment in a Digital Age - also has text
Assessment When Using New Tools - this page has links to readings, video and audio

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