Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Teacher and Technology - Music Jan 12, 2012

Important Ideas 2 and 3

Thoughts about John Finch and LwICT presentation
    x what is he really up to?
Assignments deadlines ???


Is Google Making Us Stupid?
Nicolas Carr – Is Google Making Us Stupid? the video
We can still read! - Why Digital Doesn't Mean Dumb!

What is music education for?
  • What do some 'experts' say? Audio excerpt from TVO - The Agenda
Do the 'experts' change your mind? Which of their definitions do you like best?
How does music education fit in to the overall goals of education?
How many halves of education are there?

The Brain -  “Will fast facts do to our brains, what fast food has done to our bodies?” R. Redekopp

From the RWL:
NY Times article: The Science of Concentration
Gary Small - iBrain Multitasking or Paying Attention:
Winnifred Gallagher - the book Rapt, or video (around 30 minutes to find the multitasking stuff)
Your Brain on Technology - audio

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