Thursday, November 3, 2011

T and T Nov 4, 2011

Last Class 

Marks from your web sites 

Exam Questions - if you are doing multimedia, upload it and send me the link, not the whole file 

Poll - Our wireless access - Distraction or Engager?



Carrie, Colin & Adam
Lauren & Evan V.
Rochelle & Brenna
Josh and Andrew
Erika & Amanda & Evan L.


Scott Dempster, Trevor Fontaine, Kevin Giesbrecht.
Brendan, Joel, and Rob
Jennifer Soldier and Mike Pawlyshyn
Matthew & Eric

Important Ideas
18 & 19 for A17
25 for A15

  • Tech for your benefit (wikis, grades, PD through RSS, tweets, email, Facebook pages etc)
  • Tech for teaching (D&P, review, simulation, games)
  • Tech for creating (video, audio, web sites, images, glogs, animations, etc)
  • Control the tech as much as it controls you!
eWaste - take action on your own and in schools
60 Minutes report
Story of Stuff
GO! Animate - kind of like xtranormal

Education and Mobile Devices

Thanks Laryssa for this:
A friend of mine who teaches adult ed in another city shared this story with me. After a student handed in an assignment that was at a higher level than their usual performance, my friend decided to google the first sentence - and found the source of the student's assignment immediately. When this teacher called out the student for plaigarism, their response was "I did do the work myself - I found the article, I copied and pasted it, and it took me a really long time."

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