Friday, November 4, 2011

T and T Nov 6 Weekend Edition


Why will Rennie be gone?
Nov 19 start time - 10:00 - assistive technology speaker - Lori Wiebe (
Dec 6 presentation, exam?, lunch
Exam Questions
Edmodo - sign up and join my course - code 1jb40o
GPS and your camera

Apps I like (you can share too as the course goes on)
  • Languages
  • History
  • Periodic Table of the Elements
Important Ideas #10 and 11

Technology Bias!! 
Ways of thinking
Postman’s Five Ideas

  • First, that we always pay a price for technology
  • Second, that  there are always winners and losers.
  • Third, that there is a bias embedded in every great technology
  • Fourth, technological change is not additive; it is ecological,
  • Fifth, technology tends to become mythic
What we value
  • Speed
  • Efficiency
  • Resources
  • Personal distance
  • Basic information over thought
  • Are we any happier?

Mobile Learning

Carly Shuler RWL
Upsides of Games
Gary Small and iBrain review

Break - Posterous - take pictures, make comments and email to mlcourse123 at


Video and videoish -  
Middlespot - web mashups
animoto - video from images
Doink - simple drawing and animation
Glogster - create posters with pictures, movies, etc

Podcasting - iPadio (phone to web)

Getting YouTube videos -, or

RWL - Assistive Technologies

RWL at least two of these for Nov 19 please.


Bridging the Gap
Mobile Devices in Special Ed


The Sound of Learning - Edutopia
Enabling Dreams - Edutopia - search for others

Listen    Part 3  - about the first 5 minutes
Listen to a special education edition of the Science Podcast. ????
iTouch4SpecialNeeds links

App Lists and Recommendations

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