Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mobile Learning for Feb 12


Making the Case for Social Media --- is this just more hype???
Questioning the Generational Divide.pdf
James Gee Part I_ Answers to Questions-Games and Learning -
James Paul Gee Part II_ Answers to Questions About Video Games and Learning -
Games and Learning ELI3004.pdf
AUgmented Learning chap1.pdf
Podcasts and Assessment
Podcasting and Adpatation
Powerpoints to Podcasts

Assessing Podcasts - rubrics and other ideas


Intro to Problem Based Learnning - also read some of the comments
Grading With Games - James Paul Gee
Implications of New Media in Ed - Henry Jenkins


Effective Assessment in a Digital Age - also has text
Assessment When Using New Tools - this page has links to readings, video and audio
Implications of Social Media in Education - EduCause
Classroom Engagement in an Age of Cell Phones - EduCause

From : Linking For Learning

Podcasting as learning
Victorian Education Channel - podcasting Part of the Global Classroom Project
PoducateMe - Learn how to bring the benefits of podcasting to your classroom
iHistory Podcast Project An experiment in teaching Australian History using podcasts lead by Dave Fagg Eaglehawk SC
Ringwood North Primary School - Victoria, Australia - Podcast/Vodcast site showcases the creative talents of students. Episodes are written, recorded and produced by the students.
NZEdublogs and People who podcast New Zealand educational blogging sites
Educational podcasting for teaching and learning (UK site)
Brainstorming K-12 Curricular Uses of Podcasting - Moving at the speed of creativity blog - Wesley A Fryer 
Education Podcast Network Organised by topic. Lots of 'noise' here but some excellent examples
ABC - Australia - One of the absolute best - Teachers don't miss EdPod each week
BBC - UK - Browse by genre is a good starting point
NPR Podcast Directory Yahoo! Podcasts iTunes Podcast Directory
GarageBand Radio Network LearnOut Loud  Camilla's podcast links
Assessment & planning
Evaluation sheet What makes a good podcast?
Rubric for assessing podcasts For self-assessment and peer-assessment.
Rubric_2 for assesment of podcast
Podcast storyboard from CTAPIV Podcasting workshop for teachers
Innovative Ideas & Story time
Talkr - Converts text only blogs into podcasts
Odiogo transforming textual content into audio formats downloadable directly to iPods/MP3 players and mobile phones!
GCast Use your mobile phone to create a podcast
Gabcast - Record from your phone onto the site
Use this page as a guide, then check later additions on my podcasting favourites
Wes Fryer on podcasting - on his Teach Digital wiki - love it.
StoryNory Free audio stories for kids, includes all those favourite bedtime stories and more. Listen online or download
Kiddie Records Weekly Stories from 1940's and 50's. The project officially closed in 2007 but is still being added to
Project Gutenburg download free audio books

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