Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mobile Learning Course jan 22

R/W/L for January 22, 2011

Reading possibilities
Digital Creativity Study
Marguerite Koole <mkoole@athabascau.
 Framework for mobile learning articlea chapter in Mohamed's book:

Full book:
Other articles of mine on mobile learning:

NEA report on Tech in Education (summary) - full PDF report
pockets_of_potential_1_.pdf, Cellular Learning website
Social Media policy example
One to One Computing
Compute Scotland - Check the Brain Training area.

From this collection try: K12 Online Conference (a number of videos), Digital Bloom, The Coming Age, the Rennie Redekopp Daily, Technology for Communities, A computer per student

Listen/Watch ---Some repetition from January 15
Learning and Working in the Collaborative Age
How To Teach Math as a Social Activity
10 Tips for Personalized Learning
Howard Gardner on Digital Youth

A page of Podcasts - (more high school and university) check Classroom Engagement or Creating Tools for a Mobile Campus

From TVO's The Agenda (these are the video links, but they are also available as podcasts in iTunes
The Myth of Digital Literacy
Your Brain on Technology
Education 2050

BTR and Liz Kolb (Choose any or all) - BTR Cell Phones in Learning series

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