Monday, February 14, 2011

Mobile Learning February 5, 2011

FETC report

Presentation by Jen - when ???

Angela McFarlane -  85%

RWL - think / quad / share

Policy - wikis need to be approved!

On The Go:
How to set up Posterous -
    x video tutorials -

Our course posterous example:

Darren Kuropatwa and Rob Fisher's presentation:

Why Games in Education?
Using Games in content areas:

and from slide 60 of Serious games slides

James Paul Gee -Grading With Games - on Edutopia
Katie Salen -Learning With Games
Jane McGonigal on
Learning Science Through Computer Games and Simulations (National Academies Press). 2011. This is a link to the read ‘online’ version.

The Value of Creating Games

The SmackDown!! Phil Taylor (Android), John Finch (Blackberry), Rennie Redekopp (iPhone) square off in a cage match to see which device is the best for education.

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