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Teacher and Tech Oct 26, 2010


A11 - Sarah H and Jasmin - video
Christine and Taryn - Online Collaboration

A12 - Amanda-Nicole-Sara

Note: Be prepared for next week to share the one or two main ideas that you learned from the topic you chose fro your wiki.

TEDxManitoba is happening Feb 15, 2011 with some really inspiring speakers. TED only allows 100 people to attend the live event (at the Park Theater), but we are looking for a wide range of people, so feel free to sign up for a chance to attend. If you can’t attend, there will be a live stream to watch. Check the site for more details.

Eduhound - a collection of collections of web pages on a variety of topics - some great, some not so great.


Search Harry Potter fanfiction and Harry Potter forum (or any popular book or game such as Twilight or WOW)

A11 - Xtranormal and Animoto
A12 - Animoto or SketchUp or Glogster

Thanks to Liana for this:
At the University of Liverpool, a year long project explored how learners improved in different ways by using digital creativity. Here are some interesting outcomes that they found:

-Students became engaged due to activities that made them personally interested
-Students saw the equipment and wanted to get involved (motivation)
-There was a sense of pride when it was time for the students to present their work to the rest of the classroom and at home
-Teachers noticed that their attendance record was improving in classes that were based on digital creativity activities (persistence)
-Students could take personal control of their learning
-Students were so motivated with their own project or activity that they asked to come in at lunch or after school to work on it
-They created their own finished products, and developed the ideas given to them
-They felt like they mastered a useful skill that they can apply in the future
-They found students to have a better social relationship with eachother
-All students were engaged because they were motivated by one another
-Students worked together productively which helped them develop people management skills
-Literacy was improved by the engaged students in the activity
-Animation was a great reusable resource for other learners
-Animation, video, and music software had a therapeutic value and encouraged personal reflection and developing insight
-Encouraged students to continue education and employment because these digital creative activities raised aspirations.
-With embedding digital creativity across the curriculum, students who had difficulties with certain subjects found helpful resources through technology
-Helped them understand and find a visual meaning for problems they encountered
Source: To read the entire experiment in detail go here:

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