Tuesday, October 19, 2010

T and T Oct 19, 2010

A11 - Deondra, Karl and Michelle
A12 - Collin, Brandee, Priscilla

Google images  is NOT the source of any image!!!! You have to find the actual page that the image was on.

Presentation (Assign 2) Rubric

Important Ideas - 6/7

Thanks to Jennifer for this “oh too true” comment. We need to be clear about why and how we use anything - including technology.
“Although some teachers want to include technology in their classrooms, Jane M. Healy criticizes that saying, “…they haven’t started by defining what they want to teach. They just want technology in the school to be up with the crowd.” She goes on to demonstrate why internet access should be limited in schools by saying, “Observational studies have shown that kids surfing aimlessly waste about 85% of their time.””


xtranormal - script to 3d animation. Prepare a conversation between a digital native and a digital immigrant

Mid Term survey



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