Monday, September 13, 2010

Teacher and Technology Sept 14/15 2010

Sept 14/15 2010

Teacher and Technology - Dr. R. Redekopp

Shift Happens - are you ready?

MetaTeachnition - a new word for you to know. It means to think about your (or anyone else's) teaching and what is going on in terms of the you, the students, the classroom environment, your lesson, etc.

Introductions - one interesting thing about you!
- pictures (put your name - large and dark - on a piece of paper) and Mimio

Course outline
      Assignments! Read and weep - then boldly go where you have not gone before!! You can do this!!!

What is education?

  • What are schools for? What is education? Why are you here? What do you hope to accomplish with your students?
  • Write down a one or two sentence response
  • Share with one other person and modify/revise if you wish
  • Share with another pair of people
  • What do some 'experts' say? Audio excerpt from TVO - The Agenda

Do the 'experts' change your mind? Which of their definitions do you like best?

For next week (Sept 21/22) read/watch/listen:
McLuhan -
McLuhan Overview - roddy99 on YouTube (watch and take notes on the four things that change for next class)

Nicolas Carr
– Is Google Making Us Stupid?

We can still read! - Why Digital Doesn't Mean Dumb!
What is a good teacher?
Gladwell - How to Identify a Good Teacher Prospect

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