Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Teacher and Tech Sept 29 2010

A17 and A15

John Finch - Manitoba Education on Literacy With ICT


We will work on the on the ideas of infusion, affective and cognitive domains, inquiry steps, critical and creative thinking, ethics and responsibility and more!!


Continuum, not curriculum

What is it?

How to use technology to enhance:
Critical and Creative Thinking
Ethics and Responsibility
ICT literacy

Infusion into the curricula, not supplementary, complementary or integrated.
Use the tech when you need it to get info or solve a problem.

Cognitive Domain (Big Ideas)

Plan and question
Gather resources
Produce and show understanding

Affective Domain (Big Ideas)

Ethics and Responsibility
Motivation and Confidence
Social Implications

Levels of Thinking

Knows and Comprehends
Analyze and Apply
Synthesize and Evaluate

You don’t schedule your tech time at home – why do we do it at school? Use it when you need it.

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