Monday, September 27, 2010

Teacher and Tech Sept 28

Class - A12 and A11
 Important Idea #2 and 3
Reactions/Comments on the ideas presented by John Finch about LwICT
  • not a curriculum
  • infusion
  • when appropriate
  • problem solving
  • ethics/responsibility
Assignment 1 due date????

The Case against Technology


Podcasts -
  • Garageband (Mac) or
  • Audacity (Mac or PC)
When you are done editing your podcast needs to be:
  • converted to mp3 format (GB-Sharing - export song to disk, Audacity - File - Export as MP3)
  • uploaded to a web page and linked so people can listen to it.
A podcast of Alice in Wonderland - Chapter 1. Text from
- save yours as Alice#.mp3 and upload it to
  • log in
  • click on pages and files
  • click on the Alice in Wonderland folder
  • upload your file

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