Monday, February 3, 2014

Teacher and Technology Feb. 4 2014

SB Attendance Question - How comfortable are you with games in education?

Read this while people answer the SB questions - 21 Educational Things that will be obsolete by 2020
Presentation marks have been emailed and are on D2L

A13 - Dustin, Matt DG
A14 - Steven Schapansky, Marty Siemens, Kristian Rents
      - Justine, Caleb, Suzy

How to cite materials in your web space:
You are to have a separate section for text, audio, video, websites, etc on your references page. You are also to link to these (audio, video, images, websites, etc) within your content pages.

Reasons for using games (from your RWL) ? A13, A14
What are the features of a good educational game?

  • A13 - Text 487496 and your message to 37607 OR Tweet @poll 487496 and your message OR submit responses at
  • A14 - You may respond at when the presenter pushes this poll OR Text 487899 and your message to 37607 OR Tweet @poll 487899 and your message.

Best Educational Games you played this week and why? Answer in D2L in the Games discussion area.



Game Creation
Kodu - free 3D animation game creator (and you can download it free PC only)
ARIS - online location based game creator

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