Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Teacher and Technology Feb. 20 2014

Web Presence Assignment Questions??

No Presentations
Rennie has to leave for 15 minutes at 10:50 to do an Info Days presentation

Assessment ???? What do we hope to achieve? What do we report?

Authentic Assessment ideas (evidently paragraphs don’t matter in blogs posts)

For, As and Of Assessment - video, text

1) In subject area groups:
  • Take a typical project and discuss alternate ways students could present their learning.
  • How do you make this open-ended without giving too few or too many options?
  • Which, if any, of the web tools we have used in the lab might be good for your project?
  • What would be in your rubric?

2) List the pros and cons of collecting and marking digital assignments. How has your experience been handing in these kinds of projects?
3) How late is late? How many changes are acceptable after the assignment is posted? Has ‘fair’ changed in the digital assignment age? Will kids try to spin the ‘roulette wheel’ and guess when you will start marking? Does it matter?
4) Explain how you feel personally about getting digital feedback - Word track changes, email, comments in the D2L dropbox, audio feedback. Are these better or worse than paper? Does it matter what kind of assignment it was?


Apps to try
Your favorites??
Remind101 - great for coaches and supervisors
HaikuDeck - presentations that don’t have too many words. iOS and online.
Google Play for Educators (see bottom of page for links to android ‘educational apps’
NearPod - download this for your iOS or Android device
PopBoardz - new style presentation/organization tool
Skitch - mark-up tool (iOS and Android)

RWL coming later - near midnight.

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