Friday, January 7, 2011

Teaching and Learning With Mobile Devices - Jan 8 2011

EDUB 5220 - G51

Connecting to the wireless network - MLCourse  (mobilelearning)

Introductions - R Redekopp (U of M and TCI)
Pictures with name tags
Least/worst option???
You - name, work - job and location, reason for taking course, your mobile device (if you have one), gut feelings about ML
Contact info - phone tree or whatever for snow days/cancellations
Class structure - times and breaks

Course Outline and assignments
Class wiki (click on request access) and blog and google docs/Windows Live and sharing
Class behaviour and etiqutte re: mobile devices

Meta-Teach-Nition - what to do when you disagree with everyone else or are distracted.

What is education?

Overview (the overture!) of ML Course


Library - Dafoe library from 12 - 1. Computer lab - turn right at the circ desk and go to the last lab.

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