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ML Course Jan 15, 2011

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Tom Peters on creative education
Scrolls to books , slates to paper and paper to digital - what really changes?
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Assignment questions? For an extensive bibliography see the Mobile Phone Syllabus from Columbia U. The link is on our Course page


What did you R/W/L? Poll to see what you R/W/L (This is from

How might your students have answered this poll?

Share with your table group your thoughts about what you read. Summarize and share table highlights with all of us.
 Thoughts to Consider
Anarchy - the internet as an ‘anarchist’ platform
Digital Habitats - digital stewardship
Digital bias - what do you do about this?
Social media - more or less connected? more or less safe? more or less aware (people, events, consequences)?
Digital Literacy - smarter of dumber?
Digital democracy - can we even discuss technology anymore? Anarchy?


Thoughts about device choices
Your favourite app
Demo of Ed Tool Apps:
  • Dictionary
  • Books - Kobo, Shakespeare
  • iPadio
  • Graphing calculator
  • History Maps
  • Biology - 3D brain

Podcasts from BTR on how schools are using cell phones and polleverywhere.

R/W/L for January 22
pockets_of_potential_1_.pdf,Cellular Learning website

Mobile Learning
From this collection try: K12 Online Conference (a number of videos), Digital Bloom, The Coming Age, the Rennie Redekopp Daily, Technology for Communities, A computer per student

100 apps for tech savvy teachers

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