Tuesday, February 23, 2010

T and T Feb 23 - 24, 2010


A13 - Kate and Kim
A14 - lucas and phil;   Shawna, Suzanne, Kristin (Using Mimio for eBooks and more)
A16 - Kelsey and Paula;    Cat & Renelda & Kate (Skype )
A18 - Warren, Eric, Scott    "SRS system - Anki"

Questions about exam questions

Important Ideas - 10 - 13

In strange news
 - Einstein on social media branding (with obvious extensions into education)

And in other strange news - a debate on quadratic equations from the British Parliament - on the need to keep quads in the curriculum.


Yours (metateachnition)
  • was the assignment fair to digital novices?
  • was the assignment necessary for digital natives?
  • How much of the mark should be on tech and how much on content?
  • Will this happen in your classroom?
  • Some had to re-do parts of their assignments - is this an unfair advantage or good teaching?
  • was the rubric fair/useful? 
  • What about someone who had no images?
  • What about video or podcasts?

  • Assessing the hard stuff = problem solving, creativity, initiative, cooperation, etc
  • We all know this is important, but it's not really important on teh report. THink back to the first class and what paretns want from schools (and from S/P/T interviews)
  • How open should assignments be?
  • The rubric process

Know when to throw out the rubric (thanks Crystal)
Here is the video of the teenager who invented the solar powered bike (and got a B!):http://watch.discoverychannel.ca/daily-planet/february-2010/daily-planet---february-03-2010/#clip263432
If it doesn't start there, it is clip #5 from February 3rd and it starts at 5:30 (approx.).

Finish and watch your movies and de-brief them. What should we do and what should we avoid when we go into video assignments.

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