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The Medium is the Message
Betty - Dec 30, 2009

Education Endowment Fund

A13 - Chris H. and Jonathan B. and Kristjan H.
A18 - Carmen, Nazifa, Sara, and Margret

Games in Education

Gamers talk to their group - what are the educational aspects of games?

From The Psych Files

Really Good Games..Really Good Teachers…

  • have win states to give us a feeling of accomplishment
  • employ conflict/competition/challenge to up our adrenaline
  • use dramatic problems
  • use otherworldly stories and characters to stir the emotions
  • require problem solving
  • encourage interaction to solve challenges
  • are unpredictable
  • provide a sense of urgency
  • have rules to give play structure and help put us inside the game world
  • have goals to provide motivation and let us measure ourselves against something
  • are interactive to keep us doing things
  • are situated in an interesting place or time
  • have outcomes and immediate feedback from which we learn
  • adapt their difficulty to our skills to keep us in flow
  • are “hard fun

  • Have goals for their lessons
  • Draw on “Motivation to Learn” strategies which engage students through the use of puzzles, questions, mysteries, apparent conflicts (Here is the link to episode 29 which explains the Motivation to Learn concept.
  • Provide immediate feedback to students on how they’re doing
  • Help students summarize what they’ve learned
  • Help students reflect on their experience
  • Help students draw on prior knowledge
  • Encourage students to use metacognitive strategies (“Did I understand what I just heard/read?”)
  • Provide students with appropriate challenge to optimize the potential for “flow
  • Provide a context for the material to be learned (i.e., instruction is “anchored” to a setting)
  • Encourage active exploration among students (not focused on right and wrong answers)
  • Provide opportunities for safe practice

Important Idea - 7

iBrain - starting with Shallowtasking (except A13 and 14)

Steve Jobs and the iPad - from 9:00 on for a bit if you are interested.

Jeopardy game on Games in ed?

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