Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Internet Pedagogy November 25, 2009


Tracy Gumprich - Technology in the Early Years (classroom)
Jeff Memka  - Industrial Arts??
Becki Gordon and Becky Stewart - the school and are we responsible outside the school?

Privacy and Ordering Pizza!

Possible Exam Questions - do you have better questions or do you want to do something different?

From your homework (and homework article about contracts in the Globe & Mail):
Ask your students and other young people about how far their social network goes on the internet. (and maybe talk about internet safety)

Multitasking - what is it really? How is it different from "constant partial attention"?

Copyright Info - Mandy and Nathan (Facebook EULA)

Isaac Asimov - AI and robots and laws of robotics (Wikipedia, Asimov Web Site)


Read some of the content on ONE of these sites:
1) Adventurous Ed Tech
2) iPod For Educators
3) iPod NECC group

BB and J


R J And T

J, P and B
S, A and T

Then ---- find someone who has read from each of the other web sites. One of you will create a discussion document at Etherpad and share it with the others. Each of you must contribute to the discussion of the material you read.
Do you buy it the argument? Would you like to use this? What would your conditions be?

Google Earth - Redekopp in Korea and Hong Kong!!
    x create your own!

Trailfire - create or follow trails of selected sites. Search for rredekopp as an example.

Whyzz - where kids can ask all those irritating questions like "Why is the sky blue"?

Quizzlet - practice quizzes and make your own.

Google Image Swirl - can't really decribe this!

Classroom examples of Ning social networks

iSchoolBand - for school band social networks?

Learn Me Good- list of top 20 online education teaching sites.

Using Comics in the Classroom

Mac only - video to your blog/wiki

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