Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Internet Pedagogy November 18, 2009


Barbara Reimer - Smartboard
Angela Power and Teresa De Roo - Angela and Teresa will present on "Sexting" 

Korea and Hong Kong summary

From your homework (and homework article about contracts in the Globe & Mail):
Ask your students and other young people about how far their social network goes on the internet. (and maybe talk about internet safety)

Possible Exam Questions - do you have better questions?

Isaac Asimov - AI and robots and laws of robotics (Wikipedia, Asimov Web Site)

Privacy and Ordering Pizza!

Copyright Info


Natalie Girard - Body Image and the Media

Podomatic - make and upload your podcasts - quick polls to make decisions ---

Another collaborative whiteboard app - Scribblar (if you don't have Photostory or iPhoto)

Sticky Notes on the web --  Wallwisher. Best of Teacher and Tech??

Smartboard Lessons - developed by Manitoba Teachers, and others - Center School District, Teachers Love SB, Why???, Get Smart with SB podcasts,

Classroom examples of Ning social networks

Learn Me Good- list of top 20 online education teaching sites.

Using Comics in the Classroom

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