Tuesday, December 12, 2017

New eBook on Making and Coding

New eBook - volume two of Manitoba Education and Technology is now available for download. 

This volume is called Education and Technology: Manitoba Makers and Coders

The Maker and Coder movements are increasingly popular and come with a strong theoretical background in constructivism and constructionism. In this volume fifteen Manitoba educators share how they are putting these ideas into practice and how it is shaping their approach to teaching and learning. And even though the title of this volume includes the word technology, there are examples of how these ideas can be implemented without any digital technology. The book has chapters from educators in K-12 and pre-service education, but the concepts are universal. The authors, while they have been at this for a while already, provide the reader with ways to get started in using the ideas of Making and Coding. The book is practical, theoretical, and inspirational.

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