Monday, March 3, 2014

Teacher and Technology March 4 2014

Exam Questions - questions and multimedia options???
x who needs the lab? Who needs exam booklets?

Assessment - Multiple Choice is best!!!!

A13 - Jodi P., Dayna J. & Alysha G. Feedback
BYTE 2014 Conference - (not my session B, but session C on Twitter, Instagram, Blogging in your classroom)
Outdoor Ed in Neepawa ???????

Identity and the Internet Resources -

Apps to try

Social Media and the Classroom
Should teachers use Facebook with students? Facebook and the teacher - Q - 2010-12-21. Ian Grunwald in Wpg // Anthony Marko in Hamilton
x Your thoughts?
  • Do you need to be Facebook ‘friends’ with your students?
  • Are you scared to meet your students at the mall?
  • What if you live in a small town?
  • Aren’t you essentially ‘friends’ with all your students and their families?
  • how is this different?
Facebook alternatives - Edmodo and Schoology

Social Media and the Teacher
How are you building your PLN?
In subject area groups find web resources/hashtags/diigo groups etc that will help you. There are also some PLN resources for newteachers and studentteachers.
Post your findings on the class wiki on the appropriate page listed in the sidebar.
From a few of your web spaces - The Innovation of Loneliness
Pew Report on Social Isolation - look for the surprises!

Class survey - A13, A14, A16
MS Free Tools for Teachers (with free account) and Other MS resources

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