Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Teacher and Technology Jan 30 2013


Google Search Education- teaching students to search better
Getting YouTube videos, or
Prezi - new presentation format (Edu license)
Animoto - images and music to video (30 seconds)


A17 Presentation - Samantha Einarson & Asifa Bokhari - Weebly

x note that if there are no questions the presentation gets a zero.
A16 - presentations start Friday

Important ideas for_teachers  10 and 11

MetaTeachnition 1- feel free to read other responses to broaden your understanding of how others experience this.

Metateachnition 2 (on D2L by Friday 11:59 pm please) - How broadly do you use the internet and all its resources? Think about how much you use the vastness of the internet when you are not doing something for school or work. Do you tend to go to more than 10 websites on any given day or week or do you pretty much go to the same places all the time? Why/why not? If yes, would you list some of the sites (your choice to list or not to list). When do you you branch out?

Facebook and privacy follow-up - Privacy and Ordering Pizza!

Bigger Ideas - Social Impact of technology

Find 2-3 other people who have RWL’d to the same author/speaker. Create an educreations (iPad or laptop) presentation to summarize what you think is important. We'll display these shortly.

Social issues - some entry points
Bowling Alone - America's Declining Social Capital - Robert Putnam - also a book version.
One Nation Under Google (pdf) - Darin Barney
Anarchy and the internet - Gordon Graham

Watch options

Marshall McLuhan - The Medium is The Message and Media and The Global Village
One Nation Under Google - Darin Barney (Part 1)
The Myth of Digital Literacy - Video

Apps for specific courses - demo of some apps

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