Monday, November 1, 2010

Teacher and Tech Nov. 2 2010

- Sherry & Carilee -  Google Earth
- Kim, Diana, and Katie - Power Point
- Ashton, Jill, Jessica
- Andrei & Nick
- Abby, Naomi & Kiersten

Exam Questions

Media Literacy Week
Topic reports from your wikis.
Thursday - Assessment, Important ideas and wrap-up
Free until Nov. 4 --- commercial grade video converter from Winxdvd (both Mac and PC versions)


Create something that shows your progress as a technology using educator.

Screen shots
Mac - Command+Shift - 4, then drag your cursor around the part of the screen you want
PC - Print Screen (top right area of keyboard), then paste it into a graphics program

Great online paint programs - SumoPaint, Art Pad, Odosketch, SketchPad, Photoshop Express (online)

Script to 3D animation - Xtranormal

3D modeling - Google SketchUp  (free download)

Video and videoish -  
Middlespot - web mashups
animoto - video from images
Doink - simple drawing and animation
Glogster - create posters with pictures, movies, etc

Podcasting - iPadio (phone to web)

Free video converter to download
Survey Monkey - free online surveys.
Science Games and MyGameIQ

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